Eyewatch Security Responsive Website Launch

Eyewatch Security Responsive Website Launch

Responsive Rocks!

Eyewatch Security has long been a client of Urban Feather and a pleasure to work with, they approached us to take a fresh look at their website and update it for a modern internet, with modern consumers.


There was a couple of great opportunities with this design to re-evaluate the content structure of their existing website, look again at usability and user flow. This site made a significantly large improvement on how key content is found, ordered and structured, this obviously comes with added bonuses in Google rankings and site visits.


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Website design for Fluid Power Solutions

Website design and development for Fluid Power Solutions

Complete redesign to bring the website in to 2014!

Fluid Power Solutions (FPS) based in Doncaster approached us about designing and developing their new website after we were recommended by MA Hydraulics (who had launched a new website with us 2013).  After the website visual was approved we set to work on the development.


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Responsive website design for YPEC in Scunthorpe

Responsive website launched for YPEC

New branding and website for 2014!

We were approached by the Young People's Education Centre (YPEC) in Scunthorpe about designing and developing their new website including new branding. YPEC had no previous website other than a holding page so after initially producing the logo design we mocked a new holding page to announce that a new website was coming soon.


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Website design & development for Scunthorpe Timber & Joinery

Website design and development for Scunthorpe Timber

A great way to start the New Year!

After originally working with Scunthorpe Timber & Joinery as part of a print design project they contacted us regarding a new website build.  The website needed to reflect the quality workmanship that goes in to each project.  We've created a fully functional CMS which allows them to update all page information and any recent work.


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Web development for R. C. Edley Car Breakers

Web development for R.C.Edley Car Breakers

A fully functional CMS integrated with an updated website design!

R.C.Edley Car Breakers contacted us regarding their existing website.  They wanted an easy to use website to input cars for sale, salvage and breaking.  We've created a fully functional custom CMS which attaches to the updated website to give them full access to add any car information they require.


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Lesley Nowell HR Consultancy

Design and Web Development For Lesley Nowell HR Consultancy

Creating a brand and giving it some application my favourite!


Lesley Nowell has a brilliant reputation amongst those in the business world for her incredible work as a HR consultant, working with famous names such as Sharon Wright from Dragon's Den. Lesley decided to give herself a brand whilst setting up her HR Consultancy.

Tasked with first creating a brand identity, then applying that to print material, such as business cards and a functioning website, we wasted no time in getting stuck in!


The first step was to expand ones knowledge of the industry. Focusing on what the tasks for a HR consultant tends to be. In fact the tasks of a HR consultant can vary from company to company meeting their requirements, it can involve the policies, employment contracts, right through to training and bettering individuals to better efficiency.



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We don’t just design websites. We’re pretty good at a few other things too…

You may be following us on our Twitter account and already know about some of the other work we've completed recently but just to make it easy we've listed them for you.


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Give your website a Christmas Sparkle


We can decorate your website from just £50* 

So it's that time of the year again and we're eager to spread the festive cheer. Let Urban Feather add some Christmas decorations to your website from just £50+VAT*. If you really love Christmas, we can even add a festive skin to the whole site! Simply give us a call and you'll be sreading the Christmas cheer within a few hours, whether it's a simple decoration of your logo to a full jazz up of your entire Home Page.


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Canvas Tag

HTML5 Canvas – Visual benefits for your Business

Here at Urban Feather we're always looking forward, keeping our eyes on the ever rolling ball of new technology and the doors it flings open as it hurtles forward. The new HTML5 Canvas element is no different.


So what is Canvas, I hear you ask?

Put plainly canvas is a much lighter way of displaying image/video/sound in a web browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari etc..).   As open source software it's available to all developers and not closed off to a select few developers such as in the days of a flash player dominated market.  Canvas is hugely beneficial to those who want to view videos and animations whilst browsing from their mobile devices or tablets some of which no longer support flash player, making it impossible to watch video on the internet.

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